MID-PCP Progressive Cavity Pump

Small Progressive Cavity Pump for Accurate Dosing and Easy Color Change!

The versatile MID Progressive Cavity Pump is unparalleled for its design and quality that allows extreme accuracy, durability, flexibility and convenience. This small-sized progressive cavity pump comes with 4 different sizes for various applications and is available for customization.

The MID-PCP is a small-sized progressive cavity pump for liquid color dosing that constructed from the highest quality materials to meet applications involving fluid metering and pumping of viscous and shear sensitive materials. When paired with MID Controls such as MIDEXX™ liquid dosing units, a wide range of operation speeds are possible; this is what gives the PCP line such great versatility. To meet and surpass quality control standards as well as for precision in execution PCP rotors are constructed out of high-grade materials.

MID Progressive Cavity Pump can offer minimum flow rates as low as 0.0001 L/min and reach maximum flow rates as high as 1.50 L/min thus ensuring feasibility for a wide spectrum of applications.

Applications can range from small-flow injection to medium-flow extrusion. Our Progressive Cavity Pumps are also designed for fast and easy cleanup so whether it’s for pumping particulate, abrasive, viscous or fragile products, the MID-PCP line of liquid dosing pumps provides an optimal solution.

Pair with MIDEXX-3D

For continuous liquid color dosing with two liquid color pumps

Pair with MIDEXX-MRC

For continuous liquid color dosing with manual re-fill feature

Pair with MIDEXX-MC2

For continuous liquid color dosing integrated on a single platform

Pair with MIDEXX-GR50

For accurate Gravimetric Dosing and Dispensing with 50kg scale platform

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4 Sizes



2 Year


MID Progressive Cavity Pump Technical Features

Flow Control Specs for Size 0.1-2.0

MID Progressive Cavity Pump Flow/Speed Diagram

Size 1.0″ vs. Size 2.0

MID Progressive Cavity Pump Flow/Speed Diagram

Size 0.1″ vs. Size 0.5

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