Mobile Color Cart for Liquid Color Dosing

The first Gravimetric mobile color platform in the industry that designed for continuous liquid color dosing for low dosage applications such as PET.

The MIDEXX-MC2 is a Gravimetric mobile color platform for liquid color dosing. This platform is the first Gravimetric continuous dispensing system for liquid colorants and additives. The color changeover is easy and fast and the color reservoir kit can be replaced and stored within minutes. MID proprietary Gravimetric technology enables this system to dispense with extreme accuracy which makes it a perfect dispensing system for low dosage applications such as PET.

Create your own mobile platform for liquid color dosing with MIDEXXX? controllers and liquid dosing pumps!

MIDEXX-3D Dual Drive Dosing System

MIDEXX-GR50 Gravimetric Dosing System

MID-PCP Progressive Cavity Pump


Liquid Dispensing




Connectivity (optional)

2 Year


  • Designed to work as part of the MIDEXX-CRK
  • 3.0 Gal Reservoir
  • Accepts 5Gal/20 L pails or CUBITAINER containers
  • Ergonomic and compact
  • Engineered tough for stability in any working environment
  • Durable Transfer pump (Up to 1L/min range optional)
  • Steel construction with powder coat finish
  • Industrial bumpers and 5″ wheels for ease of movement
  • Mobile Color where and when you need it!
  • USB connection
  • Wifi connectivity (optional see Remote Monitoring and Control)

Model: MIDEXX-MC2 | Reservoir: 24 (L) 6.4 (Gal)

Dimension (width): 610 (mm) 24 (inch) | Dimension (length): 914 (mm) 36 (inch) | Dimension (height): 1219 (mm) 48 (inch)

Weight: 70 (Kg) 153 (lbs)

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