Progressive Cavity Pump-heads

Enjoy No-Restrictions For Whatever Liquid You Can Pump with MID line of PCP

The versatile MID Progressive Cavity Pump-head is unparalleled for its design and quality that allows extreme accuracy, durability, flexibility, and convenience. Our PCP units are born to outperform other conventional pump-heads. They have been designed to outsmart dispensing a full spectrum of abrasive, corrosive, sheer, and high-viscous liquids. Whatever fluid you are pumping, our pump-heads got you covered.


Precise flow rates ranging from 0.0001 L/min to 6.0 L/min and more

Designed for high precision metering in various sizes

Operational temperature can venture as high as 150°C

Handles any substance irrespective of consistency and solid content

Special Plug and Play bracket for fast and easy Changeovers

Easy clean up for trouble-free operation in toughest of applications

No need to replace tubing over time

Aeronautical grade Stator material, available in elastomer options

Low noise and low vibration design with stainless steel body material

World-class precision & accuracy

Design for bi-directional operation, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations and pumping

High suction and pumping capability with differential pressures of up to 400 psi ~ 28 bar

Pair MID line of Progressive Cavity Pump-heads with our versatile dosing control units for tailored applications

Pair with MIDEXX-V

For simple and easy to deploy volumetric liquid dosing and dispensing

Pair with MIDEXX-GR50

For accurate Gravimetric Dosing and Dispensing with containers of up to 50kg 

Pair with MIDEXX-3D

For continuous Gravimetric liquid dispensing with a dosing pump-head and a re-fill pump-head

Pair with MIDEXX-MRC

For continuous Gravimetric liquid dispensing with manual or automatic re-fill feature

Easily size the right pump-head and tubing for your application using MID Pump Advisor on-line tool 

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