About Us

Micro Interface Design provides innovative Dosing and Dispensing solutions for Colorants and Additives. Founded in 1981, the company specializes in design, development, and production of advanced Automation and Auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.

Who We Are

For various Dosing and Dispensing applications in your process, MID’s line of Colorants and Additives equipment is available from a single source. MID has built a solid network of accessible service partners, technical knowledge, spare parts, and site support. Global, Reliable, and dedicated to Partnership. You can always rely on Micro Interface Design.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide innovative, accurate and reliable control and automation solutions. From the early beginnings, the quest for Excellence has been the driving force behind Micro Interface Design.” – Peyvand Melati, CEO of Micro Interface Design

Micro Interface Design is defined by its commitment to innovation.

Founded in 1981, the company supplied controls and automation solutions to the food and cement industries for more than a decade before the 1994 development of GXB-I and GXB-II (GXB-1, GXB-2), two of the earliest self-contained microprocessor-based controllers for gravimetric blenders. The introduction of the GXB-4, one of the first microprocessor-based touch-screen controllers for gravimetric blenders, followed in 1994.

Focused on development

Over the next decade, MID intensified its focus on new technology, developing the Integrated Material Handling system for the GXB-4 platform in 2000 and introducing one of the first color touch-screen controllers for gravimetric blenders in 2003. The company’s portfolio of innovative products quickly grew to include the TRAXXON Liquid Color Dosing Controller, introduced in 2004 and featuring long-range wireless and Bluetooth data acquisition capabilities in an industry first. In 2005, MID launched the TRIDEXX (HRB PLUS) controller, with an enhanced hardware and operating system featuring a variety of wireless and wired data acquisition options. It introduced the Auto Tuning proprietary algorithm, designed to tune the controller to the mechanical behaviour of the blender and materials dynamics, in 2006.

Rapid expansion

A period of rapid expansion of the company’s best-in-class suite of dosing and dispensing products followed, highlighted by the 2007 introduction of KOLSYN, one of the first gravimetric/ volumetric liquid color dosing controllers, the 2008 development of wireless integrated material handling in the TRIDEXX platform and the 2010 development of the KOLSYN gravimetric controller for containers up to 300-kg. MID developed the proprietary plug-and-play dispensing system MIDEXX™ as well as the MID PUMP peristaltic and progressive cavity type pumps in 2012. In 2014, the company introduced the MIDEXX™ Mobile Color Cart and Remote Monitoring and Control to the PET market.

Dedicated to excellence

MID’s dedication to transformative new products continued in 2016 with the launch of the Dual Drive Dosing system for Liquid Colorant and Additives. The 2017 introduction of the high-pressure Progressive Cavity Pump and MIDEXX™ Traceability, which makes colored products traceable from batch to production, are the latest milestones in the company’s quest for excellence in control and automation solutions for the plastics industry.
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