Gravimetric Auger Feeder

MID-GAU is a gravimetric auger feeder dosing system with advanced built in features to achieve accurate and powerful application.

MID-GAU is a gravimetric auger feeder dosing system. Built in features such as chromed plated auger, state of the art stepper drive, built in Wi-Fi data acquisition system and superior modular mechanical design makes it accurate, powerful and user friendly.


Unit Weight



2 Year


  • Feed rate from 100gr to 16000gr/hr
  • Stepper Motor Drive for precise metering
  • Injection and Extrusion modes
  • Extrusion follow up mode
  • Automatic adjustment to injection cycle recovery time variations
  • Automatic adjustment to color density changes
  • Automatic storage of settings during power down
  • Low level and No Flow Alarm

Model: MID-GAU | Motor Speed: 0.7-180 (rpm)

Dimension (width): 800 (mm) 31 (inch) | Dimension (length): 430 (mm) 17 (inch) | Dimension (height): 580 (mm) 23 (inch)

Weight: 40 (Kg) 88 (Ibs)

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